Our Values

Our Value

Obeliver is the NEW Premium celebration exotic fruit drinks for every celebratory occasion and for everyone.

Our premium drinks contains 5 Essential Vitamins, NO preservatives, FREE from Colours, flavourings or Alcohol.

Refreshing sparkling and clean in 3 delicious new flavours featuring exotic fruits, Obeliver’s celebration range allows the freedom to enjoy and taste the party, clean, uninhibited and without alcohol.

And certainly to be a centerpiece at any event; whether a Wedding, a formal celebration, a dinner party or even as a gesture to your loved or deserving ones.

Here at Obeliver, we pride ourselves on using ALL natural ingredients (Colours and Flavours) and purest water to make our unique products.


We abide by our core values:


We are market driven, so we aim to:

We are responsible, so we: